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I have circled this thing called fitness for years, but I have never really embraced it.

For me fitness has always been equated with exercise and diets and I have never been an exercise and diet kind of girl. My problem? I was cursed with a good metabolism.

Now before you start booing me, let me explain. Because I never had to worry about my weight, I could pretty much eat what I wanted and didn't have to exercise to maintain my "ideal" weight. The result? I was thin, but not fit - and yes, there is very much a difference.

The trade off was more than okay with me when I was in my 20's and healthy by default and I basked in my metabolic glory in my 30's when my girlfriends were struggling with losing post baby weight (I gained 25 lbs when pregnant & had dropped them all by the time my son was one month old). My 40's saw a slight dip in my metabolism possibly due to the natural decline of hormones and for the first time in my life I saw the scales tip upwards a few pounds.

More alarming than the 15 lb weight gain were the aches & pains that I was starting to feel culminating in a 2 year battle with frozen shoulders and creaky knees.

I started taking bikram yoga as a way to loosen up my shoulders (I had already gone the surgery route & while that helped for a while, the shoulders soon started stiffening up again). I liked the yoga, but par for the course - I didn't make it a regular practice only going once or twice per week.

But now that I am nearing 50 (in about 5 months) I have decided that its nigh time I take my fitness seriously while I still can.

So what I am doing to jump start my fitness journey?

*This journal for starters. I am hoping it will keep me focused and accountable. I very much doubt anyone besides myself will read these meanderings, but it gives me a place to record my progress and lets me "talk" out my thoughts which is always helpful.
*I subscribed to Fitness magazine - a good source of inspiration & a plethora of information
*Downloaded MY FITNESS PAL app to help track my calorie intake
*Committed to increase my bikram yoga practice to 3-4 days per week

*complete a bikram 30 day challenge in July
*lose that sneaky 15 lbs
*get back on my bike this summer

So, here we are...as of tomorrow morning we are go for fitness!
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